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Never Just a Bear is the home of the traditional one of a kind bear for the enthusiast and adult collector.

Each one of a kind traditional bear is designed to exacting standards by creator and collector Sue Pemblington, using only the finest mohair.

Sue first became a collector of teddy bears way back in the mid-nineties, collecting a well known beanie bear, this soon progressed onto other makes, her love was fueled by my mother, much to her husband’s dismay.

How did she go from collecting to making and designing? It all started one Christmas when her husband said she could have a Steiff Bear for her present. During her search for the perfect bear she regularly visited the teddy bear section of Ebay and it was there that she noticed the sub-category “Artists”. Not knowing what an artist teddy bear she promptly had a peak, and from that moment on was lost in a world of mohair!

Sue made her first teddy bear in May 2007, since then she hasn’t stopped and was  awarded for several British Bear Artists Awards and a National Teddy Bear Award

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