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Feather & Hare is a small family company based in beautiful Suffolk. The beautiful British countryside, a love of nature & wildlife (especially their two cats Winky & Moo), artistry & beautiful things in print inspired them to start Feather & Hare in 2019.

They have hand drawn & designed a beautiful collection of simple & endearing greetings cards which we hope you’ll love as much as we do. Their collection of cute & quirky little characters have been lovingly created to spread smiles, something we think the world needs a bit more of! Nothing gives the warm fuzzies like seeing a handwritten card drop through your letterbox on to your doormat.

So much of the inspiration for Feather & Hare is drawn from the beautiful outdoors, so preserving & protecting it is a cause close to their hearts. From the simple things like trying to remain paperless in the office & turning the heating down a few degrees, through to the big things like sourcing all our materials from sustainable & recycled sources, they are always trying to soften their footprint. 

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Image credit: https://www.featherandhare.co.uk/