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Annie with Alex are a Mother and Daughter collaboration with a long history of luxury bag making.

Their story starts with Annie’s Dad Syd, who was a Merchant Naval Officer on the Queen Mary. Syd had a creative passion for designing and developing practical items including makings bags out of redundant sails, he was always busy.

Annie and Alex followed in Syd’s creative footsteps and started officially creating and selling bags in 2017. Their first collection was inspired by one particular accessory, which has been a core staple in Alex’s family for many years. The draw string bag was designed, created, and made by Annie for her granddaughter, Isabelle. Like most families they have many bags of children’s “tat” around the house which keeps them busy when out and about, however when they are running out of the door they can never find a bag containing all of the core essentials to keep little ones busy AND which either parent is happy to carry (think bright pink!). With this in mind they designed the “The Pub Bag” an essential accessory for anyone with kids!

Since then their portfolio of bags have continued to grow.

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